The Pan Jive Steel Drum Band has been in existence since 2000 performing for audiences young and old, throughout the state of NC and beyond.  With their tremendous collection of music, they enjoy entertaining for any event. Pan Jive is made up of professional musicians and percussion teachers and puts a large emphasis on education.  With their high energy and exciting choice of music, they perform year round for schools and festivals and are always available for hire.  The release of their newest CD, "Party in Our Pans", is a testament of the band's wide range of musical styles. From pop to country, 60's Motown to 80's rock, as well as traditional Calypso, Pan Jive can play both traditional and contemporary instrumental arrangements.  You'll feel the energy from their performances.

Pan Jive is made up of all traditional steel drums from Trinidad plus drum set and usually comes as a 6 piece band.  Details can be negotiated due to space and/or budget.  Depending on employer needs, they can perform with as few as 2 or as many as 12 players.  Pan Jive is an independent group and operates like any other working band.   Pricing for the band varies greatly depending on the following criteria:  date, size, and nature of the event, the time of day, duration of performance, and special needs by employer such as requests, etc.  Those prices can range from $250 - $3000.  Pan Jive has hundreds of hours of experience playing for all types of events and can customize and adapt to the needs of their employer.  In addition, they frequently work from a contract and are a non-profit group.

    Pan Jive can be found on MySpace and Facebook. Contact Rick Cline, 828-320-2959 for more information or to book Pan Jive.

“The Pan Jive Band is great!  They not only entertained the students but shared just the right amount of information so that the students had an ‘educational experience’ as well.  It’s not easy to find performances that the students enjoy, the teachers approve and still fit within our budget. Pan Jive met all the criteria!”
- Shearra Miller, Executive Director, Cleveland County Arts Council

Rick Cline, lead pan
Christa Buff, lead pan
Laura Greene, double second pans
Emily Fox, triple guitar pans
Katelyn Reinhardt, bass pans
Matt Decker, drum-

Song List